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Udi Goldschmidt

Udi is a food tourism specialist, researcher, speaker and professional implementer of economical projects in the field of food and culinary tourism. Amateur chef, with world experience, Udi is making lectures around the cooking table, or on stage. Udi and the institute staff are providing a weekly professional newsletter to over 7500 paid subscribers from the many aspects of food and beverage tourism. The newsletter – in Hebrew, is getting government and private sectors alike on board the branding of Israel as a destination second to none[1].

Education: BSW, Hebrew University, Studied for double major Ma – Public Administration and social urban planning – Hebrew University. Labor Studies (Diploma) at LaSalle Manila, Food Tourism (Diploma) with the WFTA.

Work experience:

Over 15 years as ground tour operator, specializing in high end markets, conventions and event production. Over 10 years of international destination marketing experience both in the USA and in the Far East. Over 15 years of Food and Beverage experiences production including Bedouin style hospitality village, Food trails, Presentation kitchens, destination branding[2] and regional and national strategy development.

Teaching and lecturing:

  • 1978-1984 Udi served as a TA and later on as training coordinator at the Baerwald School[3] of Social Work (Hebrew U.).

  • 1989-2002 Tour operators association representative to Ministry of Tourism testing board.

  • 2002-2004 Trainer of Bedouins kitchen skills and heritage teaching

  • 2008-2011 Presentation kitchens speaker and manager

  • Food Trakking Award[4] judge and keynote speaker

  • 2017 Speaker at the Slow Food Salon De Gusto convention about Slow Travel

  • 2017-2018 Chairman of the Board - The Israeli Association for Culinary Culture

  • Speaker at a number of Israeli conventions[5] regarding Culinary Tourism

  • 2018 as well as 2019 Speaker at few sessions at the WTM[6] [7](World Travel Market, London) about food tourism

  • Feb 2020 speaker at the BIT - Milano Travel market on Food Tourism and markets as a point of attraction. 



  • World Food Travel Association Ambassador[8] to Israel (2011-current)

  • Chairman of the board (2016-2018) Israel Society[9] for Culinary Culture

  • Member Advisory Board[10] of WFTA (2018 – current)

  • CEO Jerusalem Culinary Institute (2008-current)

  • National coordinator of Slow Food's Chef Alliance (Israel) 2019-current 



At WFTA.org, at Foodies.Co.il, at CulinaryTourism.Expert and at Food-Tourism.Com

Achol Ve Shatau - Trade paper, monthly contribution 2016-current

Currently, The Culinary Institute of Jerusalem is involved in a project of creating a responsible tourism brand following the Slow Food philosophy, but expanded to all aspects of travel.

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