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Culinary tourism is the fastest growing segment in tourism, already representing over 8% of the world’s total cross border travel market. Don’t ignore this segment, be part of it and take leadership with our assistance 

Strategy & Organization

There are a lot of aspects to Culinary Tourism, but all have to come together and be represented in a strategy. Be it a National, regional or corporate strategy – it needs to be very clear, pointed at the right people and allow the proper training all participants.


CTC assists defining and setting strategies, and parallel to the definitions, also assist with the execution and trainings involved. CTC is trained in incorporating culinary policies into ISO-9000 book of rules, and assists in the consumer feed-back process. 


The world is flat! “Open sky” and Low-Cost airlines make the world smaller, the Internet makes it accessible and the Tourism Industry makes it possible. Yet, the immediate proximity only increases expectation of international qualities and understanding in every small corner, and here we are to help! Our extensive international experience and understanding will assist you when discussing and implementing the Branding Concept for your country/region or even just company or site. We are a group of international experts, here to serve the Culinary Tourism needs. 





NATIONAL Level branding
Culinary Institute of Jerusalem

The Culinary Institute of Jerusalem was founded by Udi Goldschmidt on March 2008 as a not for profit research center focusing on the Culinary Tourism industry. Research subjects we had covered:

  • The Market as a Food Tourism attraction

  • Market as day and night activity center

  • Food trails and Wine roads – community cooperation

  • Food tourism Vs. Overtourism

  • Green tourism – eco friendly tour services and sustainability

  • Innovations in the cross-point of F&B and tourism industries

  • Educating tourism industry for the culinary visitor

  • Destination branding index for Food Tourism

  • Creation and implementation of Academic syllabus for Culinary Tourism

  • Creation of international certification system for food tourism tour guides

  • Festivals and the food tourism experience

  • Food trends and destination branding


Our team serves as Consultants, Team leaders and guest speakers in local and international events.



The world already recognized the importance of Culinary Branding, in early 2015 Turkish Airlines came with marketing strategies “we fly to more flavors”, Korean Airlines came with an insert to all leading newspapers with 4 articles in it – the airline, the airport, the business class service and the culinary destination of Seoul. Cities like Florence and Barcelona put their culinary adventure at the front of their marketing activities and so do New York, San Francisco and many more.


Learn from the leaders and Brand your destination to benefit from a larger share of this fast growing market, as well as benefit from the positive campaign this will lead you into. 


Lecturing, training and speaking engagements 
REGIONAL Level branding

The wine road of Stellenbosch is the booster of tourism to South Africa, the VineStrasse along the Rheine and its French parallel Route De Vine are the key promoters of the western side of the Black Forest, the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley are the most visited wine roads in the world. Chocolate roads in Belgium, Cheese roads in Italy and France, Truffle routes in the Italian Apennines and other food roads- made rural farmland into tourism attraction and added significantly to rural income.


Take part of this world experience; let us assist branding your region to lead the culinary interest of your country.


This is the leading trend in the culinary world nowadays. Many of us feel that our generation is about to leave the future a “used and abused” globe, like no generation before or after us. Historians are naming our era as the “Low cost gas generation” and professionals estimate irreversible damages from global heating, Ozone layer damages and cutting down the rain forests.

Culinary tourism tries to overcome as many as possible of the damages done to the globe by promoting local consumption, lower waste and recycling, more traditional dishes and cooking methods and other ideas to maintain the world. We will be happy to look into your business and help you think “Sustainable” for the future and for the business.  

Product and site

Whether you are a small local cheese maker or a large chocolate factory, an intimate visitor’s center can create an additional, most needed, income to your business. A visitor center not only charges entrance fees, it also allows you quality time, one on one, with your potential customers, to sell them your product and make them friend of yours for life.


Call us; we’ll assist you planning the concept, the story, the best possible look and smells, the international experience and the highest potential levels of success. We will also assist marketing the new visitor’s center and adding it to the foodie’s travel map of your area. 


Better public space management by FOOD

One of the least appreciated community assets is the Public Space. By better planning, food, events and sublet can improve public space. We at the Culinary Institute of Jerusalem are researching and developing policies to best benefit from food at the public space.

Spreading the word about Culinary Tourism is one of our main goals. key players of this industry are unaware of their role and education is the way to get them there. Street food vendors would never consider themselves as tourism site - unless they are told to look at this aspect. A chocolate production factory can hardly be preswaided to invest in social and community events unless educated about their community role. Once all are on board, it is not only the tourism that will benefit - a better world and a place to live in is created. 


At CTC we are aware of the process bringing food people into the tourism industry and bringing tourists into the food culture of communities. We understand where obsticles can be expected, from ample experience we collected - and will assist you in avoiding those traps.


Our Motivational speaking about a wide scale aspects of food tourism (English & Hebrew) make us popular guests at regional and national F&B as well as tourism conventions.